An Innovative Home Selling App
for the 21st Century

Download the app and get instant access to all
the active Buyers in the market looking for a
property like yours.

Yelsa Connect helps you discover active Buyers in your area and arrange viewings that work for you, making it easier and faster to sell property online!

Consider Yelsa Connect the first step in the process of selling your home. Become a member today and instantly determine an overview of the prevailing market to stay informed and make better decisions.

Yelsa Connect has a growing list of active Buyers in all regions across New Zealand, making it the perfect app if you want to sell your house. This online list is available to property owners on Yelsa Connect who are thinking of selling.

Sellers can run the Yelsa Connect Buyer Match and browse the list of registered Buyers that match their property. Buyers view matching real estate listings through the app and can both send requests and receive invitations to view properties. Sellers can have multiple interested Buyers vying for their home. When ready to sell, they can upgrade their Selling Profile for FREE which unlocks a second level of each Buyer’s Profile, providing the ability to qualify the Buyers they invite to their home.

Whether you’re selling today or in the future, Yelsa Connect keeps your finger on the property pulse. You can potentially sell your property before it goes on the Market, saving you time, effort, and costs.

With groundbreaking real estate selling app Yelsa Connect, you’re in control. Join the revolution today! It’s free to view the online list of Buyers, and you’ll receive an alert on your mobile phone when a new Buyer joins.

Amazing Features for Sellers

Fast & Easy

Yelsa Connect has streamlined the
process of selling property.
It’s as easy as abc….

Screen Readers

Carefully evaluate and select the right Buyers for your property without
inconvenient open homes.

Best Price

Selling through Yelsa Connect enables you to control the sale price and save on the cost of marketing and commission.

Professional Agents

We have Real Estate
Professionals available to help
you with the tricky parts.

How It Works

It’s simple to find buyers on Yelsa Connect. Our easy to use and comprehensive system is simply the best app to sell property in today’s dynamic market and fast-paced world.

Add your Property Details
Details of your property can be kept 100% private and would only be shared online with potential Buyers you select.
View All Buyers
Browse the list of registered Buyers on the app that match your property’s description.
Invite Buyers to View
If you identify a Buyer’s profile as a good match, you can upgrade your Selling Profile for free which unlocks a second level of each Buyer’s Profile, giving you the ability to qualify the Buyers you invite to view your property. You can do this for all of your property listings.
Real Estate Professionals (Optional)
You can select and enlist an approved Real Estate Professional to manage the sale of your property. Of course, if you prefer to keep negotiations strictly between you and the Buyers you meet through the Yelsa Connect mobile app, the choice is yours.
Congratulations… Sold!
Direct dialogue and negotiations with the Buyer mean you both save on agent fees. You have the power of personal real estate management in your phone. Incredible, isn’t it?

The Better Way to Connect Buyers and Sellers

Yelsa Connect is the new & easy way to connect Buyers with Sellers of property in New Zealand.
You can list your property for sale on Yelsa Connect without putting it on the market.

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